QualityLogic develops a wide variety of real world test pages using popular software applications. These test pages are used for interoperability testing of drivers, printer system performance testing, and yield testing of printer systems. The distribution of colors used in these test pages has a significant impact on their effectiveness as test tools.

In order to better understand what real world color usage looks like, QualityLogic undertook a study to analyze 10,744 PDF files that had been randomly downloaded as part of the development of QualityLogic’s PDF InteropAnalyzer product. These files were pulled from approximately 700 web sites focused on a wide variety of topics, yielding a representative sample of the “real world.”

In order to ensure that these PDF files are actually documents users are likely to print, we imposed the following constraints on the files used in the analysis:

  • Documents could not exceed 20 pages in length. We found that documents exceeding this length were typically catalogs or other references works which were very unlikely to be printed in their entirety by end users.
  • Page size must be letter or A4. Documents with other sizes were typically content specifically designed for the web or other mediums.
  • The documents must use at least one of the primary colors (CMY). The result of these constraints netted 7,689 files for analysis.

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