The purpose of this document is to provide a framework that simplifies understanding the interrelationships between Transactive Control (TC), Transactive Energy and Transactional EMIX (TeMIX), and OpenADR source standards – Energy Interoperation (EI) and Energy Market Information Exchange (EMIX). The goal is to clarify for the smart grid community the various roles, complements and overlaps of the emerging standards. Rightly or wrongly, the market has begun to view TC and OpenADR as competitors.

We start with a high level overview of each of the relevant technologies and standards, followed by an analysis of where they complement each other and where they overlap.

The complexity of smart grid technologies can make it difficult to differentiate the roles that many of the standards and profiles discussed in this paper play in smart grid operations. By profile, we are referring to a well-defined subset of a standard, typically with a set of conformance rules that bound the profile’s implementation. For instance, OpenADR is a well defined subset of Energy Interoperation.

Please note that many concepts related to these standards have been over-simplified in the following narrative in order to aid the reader in grasping big picture roles and differences between the standards.

The conclusions to this paper are framed from the perspective of Transactive Control and provide a framework for assessing the relevant standards in this context. Companion papers could easily use the source material in this paper to assess relationships from different perspectives.

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