What’s New in Word 2013?QualityLogic digs deep into each application we use to develop our printer driver and language tests. Our latest product is a suite of Application Test Suite-Intermediate Files (native application files) for Microsoft Office Word 2013, Excel 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 running on Windows 8. Here are some interesting new features we’ve found in Word 2013 and included in our test files. We’ll have more on Excel 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 later on.

Microsoft Word 2013 lets you do more with Word documents. You can insert online video, open and edit PDF files, and easily align graphics. The new Read Mode is clean and easy to follow, either on a desktop or tablet. Collaboration is improved by direct connections to your online spaces and streamlined review features. Simplified icons, white ribbon interface and Backstage View provide consistency across all Office 2013 applications.


The new reading mode is cleaner and displays documents in easy-to-read columns. Editing tools have been removed to reduce distractions, but there’s access to the tools you need for reading, such as Define, Translate and Search on Web.

Object zoom: Double-click or double-tap to zoom objects, such as tables, charts and images, to full screen. Click or tap outside the object to zoom back out and continue reading.

Resume Reading: When you reopen a document, Word remembers where you left off, so you can just keep reading. This feature also works when you reopen an online document from a different computer.


A click or tap will collapse or expand parts of your document, so you can make your headlines interactive by including a brief synopsis that lets readers choose whether or not to view the details.


Streamlined collaboration tools make it easy to collaborate.

Share files in the cloud: Use SharePoint or SkyDrive to share and access files Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and other Office files. A single file can be accessed and edited by more than one person at a time.

New revision view: Simple Markup provides a clean, simple view of the document, but indicators show where tracked changes have been made.

Reply to comments with the click of a button: A new “reply” button lets you provide feedback on comments and track comments next to the text. Mark a comment as done, and it’s greyed out to reduce distraction, but the conversation is still there for later reference.


Word 2013 lets you create attractive, engaging documents and work with multiple media types, such as online videos, pictures and PDFs.

Templates: Word 2013 provides a selection of new templates to help you get started. A list of your recently-viewed documents lets you return to your last stopping point quickly and easily. Or, you can still start with a Blank document.

PDFs: Now, you can open, edit and export PDFs in Word 2013. You can edit paragraphs, lists, and tables just like you do Word documents.

Online pictures and video: You can add online videos into your documents, and your readers can watch them in Word. And you can add pictures from online photo services, such as Flickr, Youtube, Bing, and Office.com clip art, without saving them to your computer.

Live guides: New alignment guides give you a live preview as you resize and move images, so it’s easy to align charts, photos, and images with text.


  • Design/Print to non-US Letter specific page sizes
  • Drag and drop image placement and text runaround, object selection pane for managing elements on page
  • Screen Capturing and Clipping tools; import screen capture as image
  • New border options
  • Live collaboration functions through cloud
  • Updated version of Segoe UI that includes many symbols and emoji support, plus updates to many non-latin fonts for more language and script support
  • Updated pre-designed themes that enable document formatting, much like InDesign style sheets, which allow for continuous design throughout document
  • Updated styling of tables, with allow for more simple formatting and design, plus pre-designed options using border painter
  • Updated column formatting options that enable different column styling for footnotes and endnotes from the styling of the body text


  • Word no longer supports Type 1 fonts (possibly a bug with Word 2013)
  • Custom XML Markup has been removed for legal reasons
  • Older WordArt objects are now converted to new WordArt objects


  • Windows Enhanced Metafile, .emf
  • Windows metafile, .wmf
  • JPEG, .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .jpe
  • Portable network graphics, .png
  • Windows bitmap, .bmp, .dib, .rle
  • Graphics Interchange format, .gif
  • Compressed windows enhanced metafile, .emz
  • Compressed Windows metafaile, .wmz
  • Compressed Macintosh PICT, .pcz
  • Tag Image File Format, .tif, .tiff
  • Encapsulated PostScript, .eps
  • Macintosh PICT, .pct, .pict
  • Wordperfect Graphics, .wpg