In January, QualityLogic launched an Accelerator Program for SEP 2.0 tests to speed up the maturity and adoption of SEP 2.0 technology. The program provides participants with discounts, early access to new tests, discounted support and training, and influence over the priority of additional test and feature development for the QualityLogic SEP 2.0 Test Systems. There are only a few slots left in the program, so let us know right away if you’re interested.

We have already completed a number of new test cases including:

  • FTS Test cases for DeviceCapability (DCAP), TIME, EndDevice (EDEV), Application Support and Design areas with a total of 15 new server FTS tests covering 65 PICS requirements.
  • PICS coverage reporting added to the Ad hoc tester – similar to what is available in the FTS tester. Allows users you to see which PICS are covered when performing Ad Hoc testing.
  • Log Items window added to the Ad hoc tester – similar to what is available in the FTS tester. Allows you users to individually inspect each SEP 2.0 message that was transmitted or received during a test.
  • Additional updates to address SEP 2.0 interoperability aspects discovered since the last release in September.

And we are working on additional test cases now, including:

  • 9 new FTS test cases developed for Common (COM), Demand Response and Load Control (DRLC), Response (RSPS). New PICS requirements will be covered in addition to what was implemented in the past month. These are new test cases that are in addition to those already included in the latest QualityLogic FTS product.

As noted, the Accelerator Program will not be available that much longer. So if you are interested in participation let us know quickly so we can provide a quotation.