PDF is the most popular document format today for both printing and document exchange. PDF generation, editing and printing capabilities have moved away from those sold for older platforms to what is now a bundled feature supported widely by PCs, phones, tablets and the like. This rise in the use of PDF has also driven the support for native PDF printing support that has now moved into even the home/small office class of printers.

For this issue, we examined a few printers in this category and evaluated how “battle ready” these native PDF printers are. The printers and readers are commercially available today in the US market, and priced below $1000.

The QualityLogic PDF FTS and ATS test files cover basic PDF operators, such as use of dashed patterns, fonts, and others. You may find the results very surprising!

Is your PDF implementation battle ready?

FTS file rendered correctly

FTS file rendered correctly


FTS file rendered incorrectly on Printer 1


FTS file rendered incorrectly on Printer 2


Close, but not quite there on Printer 3