Transform Your Mobile App Testing Process with QualityLogic QA Testing Services.

  1. Maximize your ROI. Your onshore team will be at least twice as efficient as an offshore mobile app testing alternative, and you only pay for the services you receive. 
  2. Get to market faster. Expand your in-house mobile app QA team to get through a testing bottleneck or crisis, or engage us on an ongoing basis to make sure you always hit your release deadlines.
  3. Maintain control. You’ll benefit from our ability to work seamlessly with your internal mobile app testing teams and integrate with your agile development process — we adapt to you, going the extra mile to deliver what you expect.
  4. Eliminate costly mistakes. Your investment in expert mobile app QA services pays off big time when you get it done right the first time.

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Experience, seamless integration, and time-tested best practices are essential for delivering immediate results. That’s the QualityLogic difference.

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Get full platform coverage.

Our test techs and engineers cover the current iOS and Android OS versions, OTT & streaming systems, emulators, integrated development environments, and automation frameworks.

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Remove roadblocks.

Our simple and flexible engagement model integrates into existing development frameworks and augments in-house mobile app testing teams.

Enjoy onshore support.

Avoid the hidden costs of offshore mobile app testing engagements and eliminate the language, culture, and time zone challenges associated with offshore outsourcing.

Get rapid response.

Call us today with an immediate need and you’ll have support right away — from technology experts and world-class labs featuring nearly 700 connected devices and state-of-the-art tools.

“They fundamentally understand QA, so I don’t have to double-check their work at all.”

Manager of Mobile QA, Digital Platform

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