Mechanical Page Samples

These pages are among the most complex and robust developed for ATSs. For all software categories, these pages contain the following:

Font Page: Usually, a page is devoted just to fonts of various point sizes, styles, and colors. Due to space limitations, only 2-4 fonts from each font family are used. In the case of tax preparation and accounting programs, it may not be possible to create specific pages filled with fonts. Therefore, as wide a variety of fonts as possible are used in the Robust pages.

Space permitting, certain text-specific features (text alignment, rotated text, and the like) are added to the font page.

Application-Specific Features Page(s): Depending on the type of application, this page includes other application-specific features that can be displayed on the screen and printed. For word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and drawing programs, these features include paragraph alignments, text rotation, drawing tools, line thickness and styles, colored patterns and fills, imported graphic image formats, and the like. Because of the number of features available, it usually takes two or three files to display them all.

Mechanical Sample 1

Average Number of Files per Application: 2-4

Mechanical Sample 2

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