Comprehensive Evaluation Tests (CET)


  • Thoroughly test page description languages, mark-up languages, and portable document formats for conformance to language specifications
  • Available for most industry standard page description languages and mark-up languages
  • Reference output from many printers and viewers available
  • TestJob Sender and TestJob Builder Support


  • Validate the conformance of every operator or command in your page description language or mark-up language
  • The only way to be sure your implementation conforms to the language specification
  • Extreme testing uncovers virtually all problems

XPS CET sample pageQualityLogic's Comprehensive Evaluation Tests (CETs) thoroughly test page description languages, mark-up languages, and portable document formats for conformance to the language specification. CETs are available for most popular imaging languages:

We create CET test specifications through careful analysis of all published documentation for each language, so you know exactly what is being tested. We select a reference platform (a printer or a viewer) and provide reference images with each test case so you have a basis for comparison. Reference hardcopy output is available as an option.

CETs consist of four parts:

  • Standard Tests: sequences with common objectives for a wide variety of commands or operators. These tests deal with usage of various combinations and data types.
  • Influence Tests: sequences that are common for a wide variety of commands or operators and the influence of other commands or operators (graphics states, opacity, transform, etc.).
  • Special Tests: specific test scenarios outside the scope of Standard or Influence Tests. A definitive statement in the language specification qualifies a feature for inclusion as a Special Test.
  • Error Tests: error conditions that may be found when consuming a file, including out of range parameters and illegal command sequences.


TestJob Sender, an automation solution included with each CET, manages the flow of test files to your target platform. Available TestJob Sender options automate key tasks like performance measurement, cycling the power on hardware, and test scheduling and reporting.

TestJob Builder, another automation application, is available as an option for many CET’s. TestJob Builder lets you to select test cases from a database of key attributes using a powerful search engine, targeting your testing and cutting test time.


  • Test cases for each command documented in the product test specification
  • Product User’s Guide
  • Test Specification
  • TestJob Sender



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