The Right Mobile App Testing Services (and How to Find Them!)

Readying your mobile app for testing should impact the development process sooner than you might think. It starts with finding the right mobile app testing company to help with your project, well ahead of the actual test phase.
First, look for a company that performs …

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How a Professional Website Testing Company can Improve Your UX

Even as web technologies are becoming more complex, users are less patient than ever before. The bar has risen significantly. Users expect a website to be 100% intuitive and functional. If it isn’t, they leave quickly – and with an unfavorable impression of your brand. …

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How eCommerce Testing Prevents Lost Sales

If you are in the business of selling goods or services online, the scenarios below may very well sound like your worst nightmare…

You offer a “killer” sale, but your website can’t handle the increased traffic – and it crashes.

Your customers can’t complete purchases …

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Software QA Testing: In-House QA or Outsourced QA?

Whether you need to add skilled personnel to an existing software QA team, handle a short-term crunch or sign on for the long term, the question of hiring in-house or outsource will always come up. The answer might not be as straightforward as you think, …

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6 Things to Consider When Evaluating Software Testing Companies

The decision to outsource your software QA to a software testing company can add significant value to your end product. However, if you don’t select the right company, it may also cause headaches that make you second-guess your choice! The difference between satisfaction and frustration …

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Automated Testing vs. Manual Testing – Getting the Right Mix

Automation is ideal for continuously running sanity checks to verify that the development crew didn’t unintentionally break something. The problem with automation is one of resource availability. Placing heavy emphasis on test automation means allocating highly skilled resources to it and, even if they are …

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Automated Testing or Manual Testing for SaaS based Products?

SaaS product testing – where defects impact every paying customer and changes are rapid-fire – poses unique and daunting challenges. The speed of test automation is appealing, but what specific challenges does automating testing bring?
Sanity/smoke tests (testing to make sure there is no collateral …

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6 API Testing Best Practices

Want to build a better API? Just follow these 6 API testing best practices and you’ll be in great shape.

Start with a thorough examination and review of the API specifications, their definition of each resource parameter, call use, business process use and error trapping.

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