Facsimile Technology Testing for Carrier Service Providers & Equipment Mfgr

Request a quoteWith millions of fax machines installed around the world, this technology provides a vital method of correspondence and continues to be the method of choice around the world in spite of growth in the use of email and other image transmitting technologies.

Building quality into your products and testing them thoroughly not only increases customer satisfaction, it also reduces support and product revision costs. Start your development project on the right track and keep it there throughout the design and test process with QualityLogic facsimile and telephony test products.

QualityLogic’s telecom test tool line thoroughly tests your device or gateway’s compliance to protocols, interoperability with other devices, conformance to standards, and identifies fax message degradation caused by network transport. Carrier equipment manufacturers, carrier service providers, and fax and MFP manufacturers around the world count on our fax testing products to validate the quality of their products and services. QualityLogic’s Fax Technology Training covers the T.30 protocol, V.34 implementation and T.38 Internet fax, as well as effective use of QualityLogic test tools.

Facsimile Technologies: