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Acrobat XI: A Design Tool?

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We looked under the hood of Adobe Acrobat XI to create our latest ATS-IF test suite for CS6 and Acrobat XI. We found some surprises!

Acrobat XI: A Design Tool?Use Adobe Acrobat XI as a Design Tool

New commands in Acrobat XI let you add and edit text and images. You can move or add images and text boxes, as well as change text and switch fonts in a PDF document. You can add or edit a hyperlink in a document, add a bookmark with the Bookmarks panel within the PDF, and attach files with different file types. Page elements can be designed, such as adding a header/footer, watermark, background, or bates numbering.

Export Acrobat files into Microsoft Office Suite Apps

In the new Acrobat XI, PDFs can be exported into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, while retaining formatting, images, and font styles from the original PDF.

Improved convert-to-PDF tools for MS Office Suite Apps and HTML

You can save Web and HTML files as PDF documents for more reliable printing and saving, and you can Save-as-PDF direct from within Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Create interactive forms using new Forms Central Form Maker feature

Using the Forms Central feature, you can create a template and a new form. Form Maker allows you to create text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, enter dates, and collect responses online through Adobe’s Form Central’s online service.

Sign and Secure files

As in past Acrobat versions, Acrobat XI allows for many ways to authenticate and secure a file with placed signatures, checkmarks, text, and digital certificates.

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