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Excel 2013: Do More with Your Data

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The third application in QualityLogic’s new Office 2013 Application Suite-Intermediate Files suite is Excel 2013. ATS-IFs are native application files used for testing printer/MFP drivers with the latest application features. Here are the new features found in Excel 2013.

Microsoft Excel 2013 lets you do more with data documents. You can insert online video, open and edit PDF files, and easily align graphics. The new Recommended Chart option analyzes your data set and recommends the most compatible data visualizations. Newly redesigned preloaded chart options bring a modern look to your presentations. Collaboration is improved by direct connections to your online spaces and streamlined review features. Simplified icons, white ribbon interface and Backstage View provide consistency across all Office 2013 applications.


New Chart Designs: Analyze and display your data with updated pre-styled charts with contemporary designs and the new recommended charts option that examines your highlighted data fields and best selects a chart that will display your information accurately.

New Pivot Charts: Allow you to quickly sample a set of your data and create a chart or graph of that highlighted subset. This new option works well for live presentations.

New Power View: Allows you to turn data into a visual presentation with spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and even maps with the Bing maps app add-in.


Streamlined collaboration tools make it easy to collaborate.

Share files in the cloud: Use SharePoint or SkyDrive to share and access files Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and other Office files. A single file can be accessed and edited by more than one person at a time.


Excel 2013 lets you create attractive, engaging documents and work with multiple media types, such as online videos, pictures and PDFs.

Online pictures: You can add pictures from online photo services, such as Flickr, Youtube, Bing, and clip art, without saving them to your computer.


  • Design/Print to non-US Letter specific page sizes
  • Drag and drop image placement and text runaround, object selection pane for managing elements on page
  • Screen Capturing and Clipping tools; import screen capture as image
  • Live collaboration functions through cloud
  • Updated version of Segoe UI that includes many symbols and emoji support, plus updates to many non-latin fonts for more language and script support
  • Updated styling of tables, with allow for more simple formatting and design, plus pre-designed options using border painter
  • Updated styling of charts, with more contemporary typeface and color scheme selections
  • Updated column formatting options that enable different column styling for footnotes and endnotes from the styling of the body text


  • Windows Enhanced Metafile, .emf
  • Windows metafile, .wmf
  • JPEG, .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .jpe
  • Portable network graphics, .png
  • Windows bitmap, .bmp, .dib, .rle
  • Graphics Interchange format, .gif
  • Compressed windows enhanced metafile, .emz
  • Compressed Windows metafaile, .wmz
  • Compressed Macintosh PICT, .pcz
  • Tag Image File Format, .tif, .tiff
  • Encapsulated PostScript, .eps
  • Macintosh PICT, .pct, .pict
  • Wordperfect Graphics, .wpg

Next we’ll profile new features in Adobe CS6 products for our upcoming Adobe CS6 ATS-IF Suite.

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