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Get your iOS 7 Apple Devices While You Can!

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With the planned release of iOS 8 this fall, it’s important to evaluate your testing strategy and ensure that you have sufficient devices on hand when planning for the new iOS introduction.

It’s no secret that Apple device users tend to update very quickly once a new iOS version is released. As of this writing, Apple reports the iOS 7 adoption rate at 89%, with just 9% remaining on iOS 6. And if Apple’s next release cycle follows previous trends, a large majority of users will very quickly switch over to the new version. Developers will follow that same trend, quickly moving everything to the new version.

If you’re planning QA strategies for Apple devices, the quick adoption of the new iOS means it becomes very difficult, very quickly to locate and purchase Apple devices with an older iOS version once the new version is released. Purchasing Apple devices that still have iOS 7 on them after the release of iOS 8 will almost immediately become difficult.

Having the Proper Devices to Test With

The good news in all this is that, as you plan for your QA testing, having a large number of users quickly move to the new iOS would seem to reduce the risk should you decide to focus only on the new iOS version and decrease, or even eliminate testing for the older iOS version. However it’s important to have sufficient devices around to cover the anticipated testing for the older version, plus account for any accidental upgrades or device failures.

QualityLogic employs a test strategy to leave older devices on the older iOS versions while purchasing additional devices to update to the newer versions. This allows us to offer services that meet all our customer’s needs.

Do you have a strategy for managing the iOS version on your test devices? Do you have sufficient devices on hand to manage the update to iOS 8 once it’s released? Do you have processes in place to prevent the accidental upgrade of a critical older device?

Now is definitely the time to get all your plans together and ready in advance of the new iOS 8 release!

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