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New Workshop For OpenADR Developers, Implementers

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QualityLogic Inc., the official test tool and training partner of the OpenADR Alliance, announced a new workshop for OpenADR Implementers and Developers scheduled for March 31-April 1 in Simi Valley, CA. OpenADR 2.0 is a low-cost, speedy, reliable communications infrastructure that allows utilities and grid operators to send Demand Response (DR) signals directly to building automation and control systems on customers’ sites using a common language and existing communications technology.

The new format combines two workshops into a two-day program. Day One covers OpenADR basics and implementation strategies and is useful to Demand Response Implementers (utilities, program designers, program managers, third parties, etc.), as well as developers. Day Two focuses on the details of developing OpenADR products to help jump-start development efforts using OpenADR technology.

The workshop offers implementers of DR programs the opportunity to get to know potential vendors of products and services.  For product vendors, interacting with potential customers provides invaluable insights into how their products will be used.

Implementers will benefit from Day One and can sign up for Day One only while Developers of OpenADR technology will benefit most from taking the full two-day workshop.  Registration enables signing up for either Day One or the full two day workshop.

Day One, the Implementer’s Workshop covers:

  • the origins of OpenADR and a high level overview of OpenADR features and functions;
  • a more detailed look at each of the OpenADR supported services, including registration, events, reporting, opt, and oadrPoll;
  • Demand Response program design from an OpenADR perspective using the DR program templates and deployment scenarios developed as part of the OpenADR Alliance DR Program Guide; and
  • a wrap up with a few miscellaneous topics related to the deployment of OpenADR.

This class provides a starting point for DR program designers planning to implement programs using OpenADR.  For developers of OpenADR technology, Day One is excellent background that provides the fundamentals of OpenADR, as well as the context in which their products will be used.

Day 2 is aimed at developers (implementers are welcome to stay and participate) and covers the more in-depth topics needed to develop and certify OpenADR products. The regular Developer’s Workshop is essentially addressed in both Day One and Day Two, with the bonus that Day One includes implementation aspects not usually included in the Developer’s Workshop. Day Two includes:

•    The Event Object
•    “a” profile
•    Certification Process
•    Test Harness
•    “b” profile
•    “b” Live Implementation
•    Miscellaneous Topics

The workshops are led by Jim Zuber, Chief Test Architect and CTO of QualityLogic. Zuber architected the OpenADR Test Harness. He is intimately familiar with the OpenADR 2.0 specification, authored the OpenADR Test Specification and PICS, designed the certification test harness, and was a major contributor to the profile specification itself. Most recently, Zuber has been supporting the Alliance in the development of the “OpenADR Implementation Guide,” on which the material in Day One is based.

Pricing for the complete two-day workshop is $1,295 until February 27 for those who are not members of the OpenADR Alliance. After February 27, the non-member price is $1,495. Alliance members, government and academia employees are eligible for an additional $200 discount.

For only the Implementers Workshop on Day One, early non-member pricing is $650 and Member pricing is $500. The pricing after February 27 goes up to $800 and $650, respectively.