Oct. 30, 2012PRLog — QualityLogic announced today that it has begun development of Application Test Suite Intermediate Files (ATS-IFs) for Microsoft Office 2013 applications running in Windows 8. Test files are being developed for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and will begin shipping this year.

QualityLogic’s Windows 8 ATS-IF Suite lets developers test any consumer (printers, RIPs, printer drivers, or software that views, edits, preflights, or converts to another file format) of Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats without developing their own test pages. QualityLogic’s rigorous, structured approach creates “real world” test pages that strenuously exercise the device or software.

“Printer and MFP companies and their partners have used QualityLogic ATS-IFs to test their products with popular application packages for more than 20 years,” said Dave Jollota, QualityLogic president and CEO. “We look forward to helping our customers ensure that their products are compatible with Windows 8 applications as they hit the market.”

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