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PLMA Fall Pre-Conference Workshop

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The OpenADR Alliance is hosting a pre-conference workshop at the 14th PLMA Fall Conference on October 28th, and QualityLogic has been invited to provide developers with insight into the standard and tips for development. The one-hour session in the four-hour workshop will be a condensed version of the company’s popular OpenADR 2.0 Developer’s Workshop.

The condensed workshop session at PLMA will provide:

  • a conceptual understanding of OpenADR 2.0, including the basics of DR Programs and the origins of OpenADR
  • a high-level technical understanding of OpenADR 2.0 Profiles a and b
  • an overview of the tools and requirements necessary for successful OpenADR 2.0 product certification
  • overview of the OpenADR Certification program and its value and benefits

The technical discussion provides an overview of the two OpenADR Profiles that govern product certifications; VENs and VTNs (Virtual Top Nodes and Virtual End Nodes); the four core OpenADR Services for sending events; opting in or out of events; reporting and registration of VENs. The topic includes usage scenarios and device classes defined in OpenADR, as well as transport protocols and security requirements.

A key topic for this workshop is discussion of the OpenADR Certification program process and benefits. The program is a leader in its quality and thoroughness. It includes the availability of a pre-certification OpenADR Test Harness that implements the hundreds of certification tests and makes them available for use in product development, as well as reducing the time and costs of certification.

The session concludes with suggestions for developers and tips on the use of Alliance documentation and OpenADR 2.0 Certification Test Tool to develop conformant products efficiently. Using the information and test tool available from the Alliance along with other OpenADR resources ensures a predictable development schedule and budget for getting to a certified OpenADR product.

QualityLogic has been deeply engaged with the OpenADR Alliance since its inception, making the following contributions:

  • Major contributor to the A and B profile definition
  • Schema and specification editor
  • Wrote OpenADR 2.0 A and B Test Specifications
  • Developed OpenADR 2.0 A and B Test Harnesses
  • Provide consulting and training on OpenADR 2.0

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