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QualityLogic Announces Certification Agreement with Itron

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Testing and Certification of In-Home-Display & Gateway Products will Simplify Utility Procurement.

Nov. 12, 2010PRLog — QualityLogic announced today that it has entered into a certification agreement with Itron Inc.  to test the compatibility of various in-home/in-office display (IHD) and gateway technologies with Itron’s smart metering solutions. The results will enable Itron customers to easily identify which products to consider for their customer engagement programs.

Various vendors offer IHD and gateway products to the electric, gas and water industries. QualityLogic will test the compatibility between Itron’s ChoiceConnect meter messages and devices from vendors who have licensed Itron reading technology, certifying interoperability. All approved devices will be listed on QualityLogic’s website, listed by partner and licensed vendor. Customers accessing the listing can easily identify certified devices, removing their compatibility concerns.

ChoiceConnect™, Itron’s smart metering solution, uses the 900 MHz frequency for data collection and for presenting meter data to IHDs and other devices. These devices are an integral component of smart metering solutions as energy and water utilities look to share real-time usage information with their customers. Access to actual usage data enables consumers to make informed decisions about their consumption and encourages greater participation in conservation efforts.

“We’re excited to be working with Itron on interoperability testing of in-home-displays and other devices,” said Dave Jollota, QualityLogic’s president and CEO. “Interoperability of the smart grid’s components is critical to its success, and Itron is taking the lead to ensure flawless integration of these new technologies into homes and offices.”

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