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QualityLogic Announces OpenADR Development Support

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QualityLogic today announced a new service to support developers of products using the OpenADR 2.0 Profile Specifications. As the official test tool partner to the OpenADR Alliance, QualityLogic is committed to supporting the certification test tools for OpenADR 2.0 and using its deep understanding of OpenADR Profile Specifications to assist developers with their product implementations.

While supporting development of the OpenADR specifications, profiles and certification test tools, QualityLogic staff has answered hundreds of questions about the OpenADR specifications and technology. Some developers or implementers working with the OpenADR standard need quick answers to their development-related questions. The QualityLogic Development Support Service provides developers with rapid responses to their OpenADR-related questions.

Rolf Bienert, Technical Director of the OpenADR Alliance says, “QualityLogic has been a key contributor to the successful publication of the OpenADR 2.0a and 2.0b Profile Specifications. QualityLogic’s knowledge of the specification, the conformance rules and the schemas is unique among the members of the OpenADR Alliance and this knowledge can be a vital resource for companies developing OpenADR compliant products.”

With QualityLogic’s Development Support Service, questions are answered within a day and often faster. Developers can leverage the vast knowledge accumulated by QualityLogic to get quick answers to technical questions and keep development projects on track. Implementers can get quick answers to questions that arise about implementations they are evaluating. The new service includes: assistance in understanding detailed technical requirements for OpenADR 2.0 ‘a’ and ‘b’ Profiles;  interpretation of Alliance implementation guides; insight into certification technical requirements; help with creating test strategies during development;  and discounts on QualityLogic’s OpenADR workshops.