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QualityLogic Announces the Release of Version 2.0 of IEEE 2030.5 Test Tool Suite

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Support Added for DER Test and Certification and CA Rule 21 Requirements

SIMI VALLEY, CALIF; (January 18, 2017) — QualityLogic, a leading developer of interoperability test tools for the smart grid industry, today announced the release of Version 2.0 of IEEE 2030.5 certification and interoperability test tools.

IEEE 2030.5 (also known as Smart Energy Profile 2.0, or SEP2) is the internationally adopted standard for providing secure encrypted smart grid communications from energy management systems to end users and devices. It has been adopted as the default mandatory interface standard in California between utilities and ‘smart’ inverters that integrate renewable energy, storage, electric vehicles, and other distributed energy resources into grid operations. It is also being adopted for residential demand response applications in Korea.

The QualityLogic test tools are the leading solution for automating development testing, certification, and interoperability testing of IEEE 2030.5 products. They are the only test tools approved by the industry for certification of IEEE 2-030.5 implementations, and are being used by UL and TTA (Korea) to conformance test products today.

The latest versions of the test tools feature:

  1. Conformance tests for Distributed Energy Resources, such as Solar, Storage and EVs, and EV charge scheduling based on the IEEE 2030.5 standard.
  2. Additional support for DER integration and interoperability testing. QualityLogic’s Ad Hoc testers are used for simulating either head-end or clients in smart inverter and demand response research activities, as well as to troubleshoot interoperability issues in pilots and demonstrations using IEEE 2030.5.
  3. Support for testing the IEEE 2030.5 Common California Rule 21 Implementation Guide for Smart Inverters, also known as CSIP. The tools are designed to support a CA Rule 21 specific certification program.
  4. Improved Certification Testing with 33 new Conformance Tests that enable a single tool set to conduct certification testing for either an IEEE 2030.5 Server or Client.

“We saw the need emerging for engineering testing and a formal industry certification program for IEEE 2030.5 products and dedicated the resources to ensure that the test tools are available for these certifications,” said James Mater, General Manager Smart Grid, QualityLogic. “We are seeing increased interest in the tools as the requirements for IEEE 2030.5 becomes more compelling.”

For more information on QualityLogic’s IEEE 2030.4 Version 2.0 Test Tools, visit