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QualityLogic Announces SEP 2 Developers Workshop

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SEP 2 Accelerator Program Beta 1 to Ship June 27; Program to End

QualityLogic today announced its first public workshop for SEP 2 Developers. The two-day workshop, to be held September 9-10 in Simi Valley, CA, will focus on the basics of SEP 2 technology on the first day and testing of SEP 2 during the second day. The training is aimed at product developers working with the SEP 2 technology and is ideal as a starting point to jump start a development project. Utility vendors, alliances and test labs – both internal and third-party – will also benefit from the training.

QualityLogic is the leading vendor of test tools for the Smart Energy Protocol (SEP 2), which was originally developed by the Zigbee Alliance and is now an IEEE standard. A new release planned for June 27 will include almost 100 certification tests for the Functional Test Suite and new features in the interoperability test platform known as the Ad Hoc Tester.

The QualityLogic SEP 2 Accelerator program will be closed to new participants June 30. Two subscriptions are still available. Members receive significant discounts on products and services, including free and discounted seats at the upcoming SEP 2 workshop, and will also receive at least two more releases as part of the program. For more information, contact James Mater at

“We’ve been working with SEP 2 since 2011, and we contributed to the SEP 2 Application Protocol Specification,” said James Mater, QualityLogic Smart Grid Business general manager. “Our SEP 2 Client and Server Ad Hoc Testers have been used by device manufacturers, utilities, and commercial test labs around the world to create real-world SEP 2 scenarios and validate conformance to the protocol specification. We’re pleased support the SEP 2 community with continuing updates to these tests via the SEP 2 Accelerator Program and our new workshop.”

For more information about the class, visit