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QualityLogic Releases Major Update to FaxLab(R) Interoperability Test

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QualityLogic (, a provider of leading-edge Quality Assurance and Quality Control test tools and services, has announced a major upgrade to its FaxLab interoperability test tool, integrating a newly redesigned ChannelTrap IV hardware device to generate and receive facsimile traffic. Network equipment providers and carriers use FaxLab to identify message degradation caused by the network transport, as well as fax protocol violations in gateways. FaxLab is used by device manufacturers to test a particular fax device’s ability to interoperate with other devices by emulating normal operation and error conditions for a wide variety of different fax devices, as both caller and receiver. FaxLab allows users to replace a room full of fax devices with software, saving time, reducing costs, and providing a deeper level of testing than manual testing can offer.

FaxLab 8 provides enhanced V.34 emulation capabilities. The ChannelTrap IV, designed and manufactured by QualityLogic, uses the new Conexant DFX336 V.34 and DFX214 V.17 modems for improved control and measurement of call performance. These new modem chips are combined with a transformerless Clare CPC5622 Data Access Arrangement (DAA) to improve noise rejection and reduce heat dissipation and signal distortion. FaxLab 8 software includes V.17 and V.34 modules and emulations of 163 V.17 and 39 V.34 fax machines, multifunction peripherals and fax modem/fax software combinations. FaxLab 8 software is backwards compatible with ChannelTrap III, the previous version of the hardware device. FaxLab 8 and ChannelTrap IV are shipping now.

“For close to 15 years, FaxLab has been used by network infrastructure equipment providers, carriers and device manufacturers throughout the world to ensure their solutions are interoperable,” said Dave Jollota, QualityLogic president and CEO. “The new features in FaxLab 8 will provide our customers the best interoperability test solution for the fax protocol on the market today.”

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