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QualityLogic Releases New PDF Test Suites

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QualityLogic (, a provider of leading-edge QA and QC test tools and services for the imaging and telecom industries, has announced three new PDF interoperability tests for developers of products that consume the PDF file format.

The PDF 1.7 Application Test Suite (ATS) comprises over 1000 PDF files produced using 40 top-selling applications from Adobe, Corel, Microsoft, Quark, and others. These files were produced using several different methods from a variety of producers and creators. QualityLogic also ships its TestJob Builder product with the PDF ATS, giving users the ability to query each test file for 150 PDF attributes and build targeted test suites based on these attributes.

The PDF Compatibility Suite contains 125 PDF files created using every release of Acrobat from version 2 through version 8, providing coverage for PDF 1.1 through PDF 1.7. This test suite ships with QualityLogic’s TestJob Builder and TestJob Sender products and is designed as an entry-level test for companies who need to validate basic PDF interoperability.

TestJob Builder II for PDF provides users with the ability to parse and add their own test files to this powerful automation software. Test organizations can now create a database of all their PDF test files and build custom test suites based on nearly 150 PDF attributes. This saves time in the testing process and helps with green initiatives by printing less paper.

“These new PDF testing products will help our customers not only improve their ability to consume and render PDF files in the real world, but will also make their testing processes more efficient and greener with better targeted testing,” said Steve Kang, General Manager of QualityLogic’s Testing Products Group. “These products help our customers improve the quality of their products, drive cost out of the testing process, and save energy and paper by printing fewer pages.”

For more information about QualityLogic, visit, or call 800-436-6292 or 805-531-9030.


QualityLogic provides leading-edge quality testing products and solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, major consumer electronics and office equipment manufacturers, network infrastructure providers and carriers, and software developers.

QualityLogic’s Test Tools and Quality Professional Services help companies validate hardware and software conformance, performance, interoperability, reliability, usability and functionality, and verify the competitive strengths of their products and processes.

Test results are used by engineering, quality assurance, marketing, IT, and executive teams to improve their products and process and to communicate their competitive advantages.