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Seabourne, QualityLogic partner on smart grid tech

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Seabourne, a provider of enterprise data access and usability solutions, and QualityLogic, a developer of interoperability test tools for the smart grid industry, today announced a partnership to offer joint data management solutions for energy utilities and smart grid operators.

For Seabourne, the smart grid and utility industry is rich in opportunities to improve the flow and usability of data generated by smart meters, as well as energy management or customer information systems.

The agreement between QualityLogic and Seabourne comes in response to the need for turnkey data management and data integration solutions for the smart grid sector. The large and growing footprint of smart meters often leaves utilities struggling with how to integrate meter data into their existing information workflow. Energy utilities can also enjoy better customer information management tools in support of their marketing activities.

The Seabourne-QualityLogic partnership will provide a strong combination of utility domain expertise and data engineering innovation, which is expected to be a major benefit for all grid operators. There is real opportunity in this sector to leverage data for significant efficiency improvements, cost savings and improved power usability from a consumer standpoint.

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