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SEP 2.0 Accelerator Program Produces 1st Results

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QualityLogic today announced that its Smart Energy Profile (SEP) 2.0 Accelerator Program is already producing results for participants. The program aims to accelerate the maturity and adoption of SEP 2.0 technology by moving the industry forward with needed test tools to support certification, engineering and deployment testing of SEP 2.0 products.

The test systems include conformance and interoperability tests for DRLC, Messaging and Pricing function sets, plus support for related SEP 2.0 Common and Support resources, Security and Discovery. The Accelerator Program is adding new conformance tests and key additional function set test capabilities for Metering, Flow Reservation and DER.

An interim engineering release, available April 18, includes 30 new conformance tests for Client and Server functionality. These tests cover 81 Server Protocol Implementation Conformance Statements (PICS) and 45 Client PICS for a core group of Function Sets required for any SEP 2 product. Other additions include:

  • PICS coverage reporting for the Ad hoc tester that will allow users to review which PICS are covered when performing Ad Hoc testing.
  • Log Items window in the Ad hoc tester that will allow users to individually inspect each SEP 2.0 message that was transmitted or received during a test.
  • Additional updates to address SEP 2.0 interoperability issues discovered since the last release in September.

For more information on the SEP 2 Accelerator Program or the interim engineering release, contact James Mater at or visit