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SEP 2 Application Protocol Conformance Test

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QualityLogic ( has announced it has begun shipping the first commercially-available conformance tests for Smart Energy Profile 2.0 – the SEP 2 Client Functional Test Suite (FTS) and the SEP 2 Server FTS. The currently-shipping versions of these tests support Demand Response Load Control, Pricing, and Messaging, as well as other Support and Common Resources defined in the recently published SEP 2 Application Protocol Specification. Companies can purchase the tests for use in their lab or send their devices to QualityLogic’s lab to execute the test.

“QualityLogic is a member of the ZigBee Alliance. We’ve been working with SEP 2 since 2011 and contributed to the SEP 2 Application Protocol Specification,” said Dave Jollota, QualityLogic president and CEO. “Last year we released our SEP 2 Client and Server Ad Hoc Testers, which are now being used by device manufacturers and utilities around the world to create real-world SEP 2 scenarios and validate conformance to the protocol specification. We are pleased to make these functional test suites available to companies who have a need to test SEP 2 now.”

The SEP 2 Client and Server FTS consists of several suites of self-contained, pass/fail test cases so users can run a single test case without other dependencies. During the test process, the QualityLogic FTS takes the role of a client to test SEP 2 servers and vice versa. Full protocol analysis is performed when the test case is executed so that SEP 2 implementers know whether their implementation conforms to the protocol.