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SEP 2 November Release in Customer Hands

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As part of our SEP 2 (IEEE 2030.5) Accelerator Program deliverables, we shipped our latest release in November. The November 2014 release is the same release that we believe can be used for certification testing and pre-certification testing of SEP 2 implementations. The details of the November Release and the planned V1.0 release in Q1 of 2015 are included in the updated Roadmap document.

Major Additions to the IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2) Accelerator Program

The following functionality is included in the SEP 2 Client and Server Ad Hoc Testers November release:

  • Metering and Mirrored Metering
  • Xmdns sub-type query support will be developed to support the “” queries, ex. “” and “”

V1.0 – 1Q 2015

The following functionality is planned for the SEP 2 Client and Server Ad Hoc Testers Version 1.0:

  • Flow Reservation Request
  • DER

We have prioritized development of the Metering, Flow Reservation and DER function sets for the Ad Hoc testers based on maturity of the specification and market. We are hearing that DER is increasingly important to some customers and have started working on it.

IEEE 2030.5 Accelerator Partner Feedback

Earlier this year, we asked our 11 Accelerator Partners for feedback on some key issues with SEP 2 development. The feedback was both interesting and informative in terms of the state of the market for SEP 2 products. Here are some highlights of the results from six of our partners (it may be a small sample but these are leading companies in SEP 2 development):

  • All of our partners are developing Client SEP 2 implementations and half are developing both Client and Server.
  • One of our Partners is aware of five pilots of SEP 2 with 10,000 or more devices, and another 15 projects in research stage.
  • Other partners have implementations in pilot projects but are waiting on the demand for implementation deployments. One commented, “We are pushing for device and system solutions, but without a marketplace to support either, we are struggling to make any definitive plans. Reasonably, at utility pace, we are a couple years away from deploying production products and services that utilize SEP 2.”
  • The only concern with the delivery plan is that at least two of our Partners requested DER earlier than we had planned.
  • The availability of some sort of conformance test program would be welcomed by our Partners: “Would make a difference in industry. Just want someone to do this;”  “…any way to speed this up while maintaining a strong cert. program would be welcome.”

The industry continues to wait on formal certification programs to enable additional pilots and then deployments. QualityLogic is doing its part to provide an adequate set of test tools to enable such programs.

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