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Webinar: An Introduction to IEEE 2030.5 for Australia

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An Introduction to IEEE 2030.5 for Australia

As electricity systems become more decentralised, the IEEE 2030.5 protocol is receiving global attention. Hosted by the Clean Energy Council, this 1-hour event will introduce you to the basic concepts of IEEE 2030.5.

This is a recording of the September 15, 2020 broadcast and features QualityLogic’s Senior VP of engineering, Steve Kang, and James Mater, QualityLogic’s co-founder and GM of the company’s smart energy division. Steve is a leading technical expert on IEEE 2030.5 and CA Rule 21 based Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP) implementation guide. He has been involved with IEEE 2030.5 since 2010 and has taught hundreds of people around the globe on IEEE 2030.5. James is one of the industry-leading experts on smart grid standards, interoperability, and the maturity of eco-systems of products based on these standards. He is a co-founder of QualityLogic and leads the company’s smart grid business. James has given dozens of presentations and authored multiple papers on interoperability in the smart grid.

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