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What’s New in Microsoft Publisher 2013? Not Much.

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It’s fairly obvious that Microsoft didn’t put a lot of effort into the 2013 update for Publisher. As with other Office 2013 Suite products, the interface is cleaner with more white and less clutter, and some nice, though minor, features have been added:

  • The simplified ribbon in Publisher 2013 is part of an Office 2013 rebranding to make the interface more clean and simple, with a separate file tab for finding templates and saving documents.
  • The inserted pictures menu is more comprehensive, with options to link from images on the web, searched through Bing, clip art from Microsoft,, or saved images.
  • The scratch area around a document page allows for storing images and text while designing a page, but keeps them out of page space view.
  • Improved picture effects, tools for rotating images in three dimensions, new frame options, plus better background image handling.
  • New text tool options and new Word Art options that are more contemporary looking.
  • A new export tool allows for work to be saved for photo printing in jpg form.

Publisher 2013 is part of QualityLogic’s new Office 2013 Application Test Suite-Intermediate Files Suite #2, along with Visio 2013 and Internet Explorer 10. Watch for our blogs on those products coming up.

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