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Why Should You License the OpenADR Test Harness Now?

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It’s easy to think of the OpenADR Pre-Certification Test Harness as something useful at the late stages of development – prior to certification. And that is very true. The OpenADR Test Harness easily pays for itself in reduced time and costs of certifications. Those who have used the Test Harness have experienced an exceedingly smooth certification process.

But what about earlier in your development process? Having the Test Harness available throughout your development process provides immediate and unparalleled benefits.

Benefits of the OpenADR Pre-Certification Test Harness

  1. It gives you access to all 194 A Profile Test Cases and 250 B Profile Test Cases throughout development. The documentation alone is valuable in understanding intended behaviors for OpenADR products. And you can run the test cases as you are developing individual features and functions, saving time developing your own tests. What would it cost to develop the more than 400 tests in the OpenADR Test Harness?
  2. You’ll get updates to the tests reflecting improvements in the Test Harness and changes to the Conformance Rules and PICS requirements. Not only will you be sure you have the latest specifications and implementation guidelines, but you’ll be able to implement and test the improvements during your normal development process.
  3. Why not use the official test cases all through development to ensure conformance? Waiting until you have nearly finished implementation to start using the official Test Harness means re-work where your interpretations were inconsistent with the actual conformance tests. Why spend the time and budget re-working code when you can get it right the first time?

What Do You Get?

  • The OpenADR 2.0 a&b certification test tool consists of a test harness built on the Eclipse open source Integrated Development Environment and a full set test suites.
  • 194 A Profile tests and 250 B Profile test cases that validate implementations against the 62 A Profile Conformance Rules and the 155 B Profile Conformance Rules. The hundreds of pages of detailed documentation include cross-references between test cases and conformance rules.
  • The test suites provide coverage for the two device types (VTN and VEN).
  • When a test is run, the test harness plays the role opposite that of the device under test. For instance, when testing a VEN Push implementation, the test harness will play the role of a VTN Push implementation.
  • Test coverage includes schema validation, validation of all conformance rules, and validation of each test scenarios intent.
  • Test reporting includes transaction exchange logs including transport headers and XML payload listings, conformance checks completed, and detailed failure information.
  • Free updates for bug fixes.
  • An initial 3 hrs/60 days of free software support and ability to purchase additional software support from QualityLogic.

The non-member price for this tool is $14,000. At $4,500 for members, the OpenADR Test Harness is a bargain. It would cost well over six figures to develop anything comparable internally. Find out about OpenADR Alliance membership.

Get a Discount on Development Support when You License the OpenADR Test Harness

For a limited time, QualityLogic is offering a 15% discount on its Development Support Contract when purchased at the same time as the Test Harness. Get the tool and access to the experts who were major contributors to the A and B Profiles and developed and wrote the tests for OpenADR. The tool and service together can shorten your development time and reduce your budget significantly (certainly much more than the investment).

Get more information or order the OpenADR 2.0 Certification Test Tool.

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