Wi-SUN FAN v1.0 Test Bed Design & Assembly Services

Thank you for your interest in QualityLogic’s Test Bed Design & Assembly Services for Wi-SUN FAN v1.0. QualityLogic partners with the Wi-SUN Alliance and provides the official Wi-SUN FAN v1.0 Test Bed Controller.

QualityLogic additionally provides a Wi-SUN FAN v1.0 Turnkey Test Bed as a service, which includes procurement, pre-assembly configuration and testing, shipping, and support for re-assembling and commissioning the FAN v1.0 Test Bed. The Turnkey Test Bed is shippable globally and includes instructions on assembly, operation, and troubleshooting, as well as initial start-up support.

All QualityLogic Turnkey Wi-SUN Test Beds conform to the most current version of the FANWG Certification Test Bed Specification.

For information about joining the Wi-SUN Alliance, please visit https://wi-sun.org/.

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