The XML Paper Specification (XPS) is an XML-based document description format, which is packaged in a standard ZIP file format. Producers of XPS packages include Windows operating system components, software applications, and device drivers. Consumers of XPS packages include device drivers, printers, viewers, editors, and file converters.

As a document format, XPS plays a role similar to PostScript, PCL, or PDF. Each of these formats can describe a document using a well-defined syntax, which a printing consumer can decompose into a set of graphics primitives and then render as a bitmap image.

A large body of industry experience exists regarding the factors that influence the interoperability between a disparate set of producers that generate document formats and a wide range of consumers of these formats. This experience has resulted in the development of test strategies that can be applied to a page description language, including XPS, in order to help ensure a high degree of interoperability.

This white paper provides a brief synopsis of the key factors that will impact the interoperability between XPS producers and consumers, and provides some guidance to XPS implementers regarding test strategies.

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