In-Depth Accessibility Testing

Making your website or mobile app accessible to all takes more than running tests with a screen reader, with mic and sound turned off, or without a mouse. Your site and app need to work across a broad range of platforms with all popular assistive technologies. QualityLogic knows regional and global accessibility standards, including WCAG and ADA Section 508. We help you meet them with recommendations to fix any problems. We can test your app in its beta or released form. To build accessibility and quality into your app, we can integrate an expert test team with your agile development team.

QualityLogic Knows Accessibility Testing from the Inside Out

Every aspect of your app needs to be accessible. QualityLogic has the in-depth experience and skills to root out any problems with a full range of accessibility testing services. We offer:

  • Expertise in all major assistive technologies:
    •  JAWS, NVDA, and Voiceover Screen Readers, ZoomText and MAGIC screen magnification, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Microsoft Narrator, Android Talkback, and others
  • Knowledge of the WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications) Suite. The suite can assist with dynamic content and advanced user interface controls. These can be developed with Ajax, HTML, JavaScript, and related technologies.
  • Complete testing and certification for WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.
  • Agile integration of our QA team with your development team. This helps you design accessibility into your app, from image alt tags and control decoration to video and multi-media assistance.
  • Visually-impaired test professionals who know firsthand what’s required for a site to be truly accessible.

Thanks again for all your hard work. You guys are finding things we would never find.

Development Manager, Web/Mobile Dev Company

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Build Accessibility In with Smart Software QA & Testing

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