Understanding IEEE 1547.1

The development and implementation of IEEE 1547-2018, the interconnection standard for smart distributed energy resources (DERs), includes a major advance in the goal of integration of DERs into grid operations. The new standard includes a requirement for local communications interfaces using a standard application layer protocol. This is a FIRST!!

Mandating the inclusion of a local, standard communications interface promises a quantum leap in making DERs easy to manage for grid operators. This QualityLogic webinar is focused on the new IEEE 1547 Interoperability requirements: why, what, how, and when.

As a contributor to both the IEEE 2030.5 CSIP standardization in CA Rule 21 and the IEEE 1547.1-2020 Interop testing section, QualityLogic is a world expert on the emerging interoperability in 1547. We are using that expertise to educate the community and develop tools to automate the testing and certification of products for conformance to the new Interop requirements in IEEE 1547.


The one-hour webinar will cover:

  • What is the Interop requirement in IEEE 1547-2018
  • Why is there such a requirement in a “safety” standard
  • How is conformance to the new Interop requirement tested and certified
  • Challenges in testing and certifying the Interop requirements
  • QualityLogic’s test tools for validating IEEE 1547 Interop conformance
  • Test system architecture and features
  • Introduction schedule and who will be using the test tools

This webinar is aimed at technical managers and implementers who need to understand the new IEEE 1547 Interop requirements, those tasked with implementing them in their products, and those responsible for testing products to ensure conformance with the standard.