Learn Fax Protocols and Testing

Fax technology training gets your engineering and test personnel up to speed on the fax protocol and testing issues surrounding it in a fraction of the time traditional methods take. QualityLogic’s Fax Technology Training shaves months off your team’s learning curves. The course covers:

  • T.30 protocol
  • V.34 changes
  • Practical aspects of implementation
  • T.38 Internet Fax

If you work in Engineering or QA on MFP terminal or telecom/VoIP products that have a fax component, or if you troubleshoot fax calls, don’t miss our next Fax Technology Class. Now, we’ve added coverage of T.38 and V.34 issues to the in-depth practical discussion of the T.30 protocol.

A minimal level of T.30 knowledge and experience from participants is helpful. The primary target audience for this training is the engineering community who creates and services telecom and terminal equipment that conveys facsimile transmissions. It is also informative for anyone who makes design and/or marketing decisions about facsimile terminals or carrier equipment. The content is presented using a combination of whiteboard drawings, PowerPoint slides and the use of the QualityLogic fax test tools, FaxLab, DataProbe T30 Analyzer, and DataProbe T30-T38 Analyzer.

Two-day open enrollment courses are periodically scheduled in Southern California, Asia, and Europe, or request a class at your site.

Fax Telecom Testing

Fax Technology Training Outline

Day 1: Traditional Facsimile Devices

Session A – Introduction to Group 3 Facsimile

Fax Protocol
Phone Network Interactions
Simple Fax Call Example
Demonstration: Send fax Session and Introduction to the QualityLogic Facsimile Test Tools

Session B – Group 3 Fax In Depth

Fax Modems
HDLC – High-level Data Link Control
Fax Modulation Concepts
T.4 Fax Image Coding
Modified Huffman
Modified Read
Demonstration: Send Fax Session

Session C – Group 3 Fax Call Phases

T.30 Protocol – Traditional
V.29 Modulation
Fax Call Phases A-E
Demonstration: Advanced Fax Session

Session D – Group 3 Error Correction Mode

T.6 Encoding – Modified READ
Group 3 Error Correction Mode Concepts
Partial Pages
ECM Fax Session Example
ECM-Specific T30 Signals
T.30 Timeouts
Demonstration: ECM Session Examples

Day 2: Extended Facsimile

Session E – 1993/2005 Extensions to G3 Facsimile

Summary of 1992-3 Revisions
New Fax Signals
Document Transport Modes
Higher Resolutions
Summary of 1994-1997 Revisions
Color Fax
New Compression Methods
Group 3 Digital Fax
Summary of 1997-2000 Revisions
New Resolutions
Internet Fax

Session F – V.34 Fax

Introduction to V.34 and V.8
V.34 Fax vs. Traditional Fax
Introduction – V.34 Features
Half Duplex Fax Session Example
Half Duplex Fax Summary
Full Duplex Fax Summary
V.34 Fax Summary

Session G – Facsimile Device Testing and Troubleshooting

Test program planning
Test process insights
Designing Robust Fax Devices

Session H – T.38 Internet Fax Introduction

G3 fax –> Real Time IP Fax
T.38 Standards Overview
T.38 Protocol and Structures
UDP Error Correction Methods
Practical Issues: UDP vs. TCP
T.38 Summary

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