Update On IEEE 1547.1 Adoption

This webinar was held on June 17, 2021, and a lot happened since our last webinar in December on this topic! There have been significant changes in the adoption timeline and a lot of progress has been made on UL 1741SB.

Mandating the inclusion of a local, standard communications interface promises a quantum leap in making DERs easy to manage for grid operators. Because of the upcoming UL 1741 SB Revision (clarifying testing in IEEE 1547.1-2020), the actual requirement for certification is still in regulatory negotiation. The webinar provided the latest updates on timelines for UL 1741 SB approval and our guesstimates on actual regulatory requirements.

Whether UL 1741 SB certification is required by January 1, 2022, or September 1, 2022, there are more than 50 vendors with hundreds of inverter families likely to seek UL 1741 SB certification in the next year or so. At about 10 weeks of testing each, there is a potential for an expensive industry bottleneck in certifications. QualityLogic’s 1547.1 test tools are designed to reduce the time (and costs) of testing and improve the consistency of test results. This webinar provided an update on the progress we are making on the tools, the labs using them, and new additions of SunSpec Modbus support and Type testing using IEEE 2030.5 or SunSpec Modbus messaging.

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