8 Software QA Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Are you tracking the right metrics?
Each business area must have a way to determine which operational activities create the most benefit, and which ones need to be rethought.
Learn the QA metrics that provide the most value to your organization by increasing efficiency and …

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Mobile App Test Automation Tip Sheet

All the Do’s and Don’ts of Test Automation for Mobile Apps
With all the intense conversation around whether and what to automate in QA testing, a few simple guidelines would seem to be in order. Request the “Mobile App Test Automation Tip Sheet” to learn:

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QualityLogic DERMS Communication Test System

Learn about our DERMS Communication Test System
One of the major challenges for Utility, University and Vendor research efforts on managing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is the lack of a low-cost, easy-to-use system to experiment with different management strategies. Using standard communications protocols enables a …

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What Should Quality Cost?

What You’ll Learn by Downloading
When deciding on a QA solution for your software production process, it’s important to get the balance right between quality and costs. Download the white paper, “What Should Quality Cost” to learn the following:

How to calculate ROI on your …

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Automated vs. Manual Testing: Getting the Right Mix

Automated Testing isn’t a cure all…
Using a combination of manual and automated testing helps control your testing costs, but how do you get the right balance? Download the white paper, “Automated vs. Manual Testing: How to Get the Right Mix” to learn:

Where automated …

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Effective PDF Testing Strategy

Develop your PDF testing strategy
QualityLogic is committed to providing test suites for all major PDLs, including PDF. In this white paper, we go over the capabilities of our PDF testing products and share the following:

The different types of testing needed for PDFs
Potential …

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V.34 Fax Verification

Learn the importance of interoperability and V.34 fax verification
Contrary to popular belief, fax is a “must have” aspect of any telephony carrier system, including VoIP. Download our white paper on V.34 Fax Verification to learn the following:

Why fax testing is so complex
The …

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