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Retail and eCommerce Testing and QA

eCommerce Website Testing and QA Services for Your Online Business

When you offer services and products through websites and mobile apps that can change hourly, you have to be fully up and functional 24/7. QualityLogic works with your development team to deliver problem-free experiences for your customers, from account creation through payment, and on to analytics to support future marketing efforts.

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Working Hand-in-Hand with Your Development Group

Quality Engineering

QualityLogic’s highly skilled QA engineers provide in-depth defect analysis and verification parameters, and work with your development team on processes and code fixes.

Test Automation

Rapid site change means eCommerce testing has to keep up. QualityLogic’s QA engineers know which areas of your site will benefit from automated testing, which won’t, and how to build and maintain the right mix of automated and manual testing.

Functional Verification

For feature/content areas that don’t support test automation, our skilled manual test team can scale on demand to cover your testing challenges and constraints — without change fees.

Processes & Facilities

QualityLogic works and integrates with your Agile teams at all levels, and we have a large array of mobile test devices and content delivery systems to support every test requirement.

Continuous Change, at an Ever-Increasing Pace

Web and app developers have to resolve issues in hours that take brick-and-mortar businesses months. To come out on top you must embrace change and maintain excellent quality. Top-notch eCommerce testing and QA is the only way to do that:

  • You need to implement new technology in your website and mobile apps without any functional or cosmetic glitches
  • Your marketing team must support online ad campaigns through direct access to site content controls
  • Customer interactions with your site and mobile app have to be handled quickly and efficiently
  • Website- and application-use analytics must be pertinent, usefully analyzed, and quickly reported so you get timely, actionable feedback
  • All aspects of site and mobile app functionality must be continuously monitored and verified
At first, our development team thought QualityLogic was overly picky or going too far into detail, but when the first engagement ended, our team asked for them to come back immediately because they knew how much value they added.
Spencer van Erkel Product Manager, Sidebench

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software QA & eCommerce Testing

Want to learn more about how our QA and eCommerce testing services can safeguard your brand? Contact us to find out how we can improve your QA ROI.

Case Study: Peace of Mind-Inducing Operational Verification

QualityLogic worked with this developer of feature-rich eCommerce sites to perform operational verification of middle-ware functions, and troubleshoot defects to the modular and even code level. Our involvement from the start of the project was a key to its success.