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QA Engineers

Our QA professionals work alongside your development engineers to provide the detailed test results they need.

Short Lead Time

We augment your team with quick, efficient, flexible and cost-effective QA services available on short notice — with no change fees.

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Quality Is Our Business

With more than 30 years of QA experience, QualityLogic helps you take care of software quality so you can focus on revenue generation.

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From our detailed test plans and cases to our real-time defect reporting and regression testing, you know exactly what QualityLogic is doing for you.

QualityLogic: Software QA You Can Rely On

We work with your development and QA teams to help you release optimized code in tight time frames. When you work with QualityLogic for eCommerce website testing, you’ll get:

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“It’s amazing that the QualityLogic team has been with us longer than our internal team members and actually ends up training our new QA engineers. Your low attrition greatly enhances QualityLogic’s value to our DevOps.”

QA Director, eCommerce Company

eCommerce Operational Verification

QualityLogic worked with this developer of feature-rich eCommerce sites to perform operational verification of the middle-ware functions and troubleshoot defects to the modular, and even code level. QualityLogic’s involvement from the start of the project was a key to its success

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Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software QA & Testing

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