Get Connected with Expert IoT Testing

Consulting from Interoperability Experts

Standards and protocols used in the IoT are still emerging, but we were in on the ground floor. We’re uniquely qualified to help you with your IoT initiatives and products.

Educate Yourself

Training in standards, protocols, and testing gives you a head start. Our experts, who in many cases contributed to the standards, conduct public or onsite classes for your team

Interconnected Device Testing

You can rely on our 30 years of experience in testing interconnected device interoperability across diverse ecosystems.

Succeed with Immature Technologies

Many of the technologies in the IoT space are still evolving, and we can help you understand and implement the latest standards successfully. We specialize in contributing to and implementing new and emerging standards.

IoT Testing, Consulting and Training for Successful Internet of Things Implementations

IoT devices share the need to communicate and interoperate with their networks and each other. To ensure your IoT devices work well with others, QualityLogic provides a full suite of QA and IoT testing services and test tools:

  • Expert consulting services to guide you to the best practices for making successful interconnected products
  • Comprehensive training so you can learn about the standards and protocols used in IoT implementations
  • QA support and testing services to help you successfully implement technologies like AllJoyn Framework, IoTivity, Apple Homeplug, and Google Brillo
  • Expertise in new technologies – we help you create strategies and tactics for IoT analytics, device management, low power network interfaces, operating systems, and platforms
  • Expertise to navigate the complexities of privacy and security risks to your IoT device, its platform, OS, communications, and connected systems

QualityLogic has been a key contributor to the successful publication of the OpenADR 2.0a and 2.0b Profile Specification, as well as the installation of the certification program. QualityLogic’s knowledge of the specification, the conformance rules and the schemas is unique among the members of the OpenADR Alliance. They helped the OpenADR Alliance set the standard for how a smart grid standard should be implemented and certified.

Rolf Bienert, Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance

OpenADR and IoT in Action

QualityLogic developed a prototype OpenADR A profile VEN in a Samsung SmartThings Hub to demonstrate the feasibility of using consumer IoT platforms for Demand Response (DR). Try it out! Download here.

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software QA & Testing

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