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Introducing CCS Analyzer from QualityLogic 

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Electric vehicle adoption is at an inflection point with over 50% of consumers considering electric cars. EV sales are forecast to quadruple over the next three years. There is a massive build-out of charging stations, driven by vehicle manufacturers, charge point operators, and government funding.

However, the interoperability between electric vehicles and charging stations is in a fairly dismal state with over 25% of attempted DC-Fast Charging charge sessions failing due to communication problems, hardware problems, or protocol exchange problems. 

These interoperability problems frustrate consumers, are costly for all the manufacturers involved, and could dampen the adoption of EVs. Helping to minimize these interoperability problems is the focus of QualityLogic’s new Combined Charging System (CCS Analyzer).  

Free Webinar: CCS Analyzer V1.0 Release & Demo

CCS Analyzer can help identify issues critical to solving a major challenge slowing down EV adoption – charging session failures. We recently conducted a one-hour webinar on the background of the CCS Analyzer and demonstrated its features and value.

A New Class of Tools for Accelerating CCS Charging Interoperability

CCS Analyzer 

QualityLogic’s EV Charging-related product is focused on doing in-depth analysis of CCS traffic between the EV and the EVSE. We think of the Analyzer as an “expert system” that analyses the message traffic to identify anomalies that cause failed charging sessions, timing statistics, and other data embedded in charging session PCAP/PCAPNG files(Download our recent snapshot of anomalies found in the analysis of over 280 PCAP files.)

The industry invests a great deal of money validating that different EVs and charging stations work together. The current practice is to get EVs and EVSEs physically together and evaluate any interoperability issues that cause failed charging sessions.

The process is very manual and requires an expert in the message protocols for CCS. This is both expensive and inefficient.

The CCS Analyzer is designed to diagnose the root cause of failures. It speeds up charging failure analysis by automating the analysis and incorporating continually improving expertise into the tool. 

Interested in learning more? Simply fill out the form to download a copy of our data sheet with details about the latest release.

Try CCS Analyzer for Free!

Would you like to be able to analyze CCS charging sessions faster to identify interoperability causes, collect timing data and surface anomalies you can’t easily find? Put our CCS Analyzer to the test. For free!

QualityLogic is offering a free 14-day trial of the CCS Analyzer software to help companies more quickly diagnose CCS charging sessions for interop failures, timing statistics, and more. This product provides a unique and rapid analysis of the Charging Session, automating the more mundane tasks that a skilled CCS Engineer has to do to derive minimal data from a charging session file. It supports DIN SPEC, ISO 15118-2, ISO 15118-20, PWM, and SLAC message traffic.

How to Participate

To request a free trial, please complete the following form and we will be in touch within 1 business day.