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Getting Started with Digital Accessibility

Like anything new, accessibility can seem challenging or unapproachable at first. Our experts make it easier by helping to get your organization started on the path to digital accessibility and then supporting you as you grow and meet each new goal along the way.

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Digital accessibility is no longer just a legal requirement; it’s a business imperative.
Brent Stewart Senior Director Analyst, Gartner


Digital Accessibility Starter Kit

Before investing time and money into tools and services, learn the basics about digital accessibility and how you can get your teams started on making an immediate impact. This accessibility guide introduces you to the core principles of digital accessibility, including:

  • Explaining what digital accessibility is (TL;DR, it’s not just a simple plugin or tool)
  • The four design principles the WCAG is based on
  • A deeper dive into assistive technologies used by people with different cognitive and physical limitations
  • Research into how adopting a digital accessibility program will benefit your business
  • An explanation of the WCAG and its influences all other accessibility standards
  • An introduction into understanding the risks and opportunities of using accessibility tools
  • A roadmap to starting your own accessibility program at your company


Compliance Audit

A digital accessibility compliance audit is a thorough assessment of how accessible your website, web application, or mobile application is to individuals with physical or cognitive impairments. The audit is measured specifically against standards like WCAG or legislation that leverages those standards like ADA, Section 508, AODA, or others. Compliance audits serve to establish a baseline for where you are today but include advice and guidance on how to become compliant or maintain compliance.

Audits are a starting point in any digital accessibility program because they identify the issues that need to be remediated to become compliant. Testing is performed with automated tools and manually by a blend of QA professionals with and without physical or cognitive impairments. This approach gives you the most accurate information on your current state of compliance and where to go next.


Early-Stage Consulting

Starting an accessibility program from scratch can be daunting. There is a lot of mixed information online about how to approach accessibility, what standards you need to apply, what reports or tools you need, and more. Our accessibility consultants are subject matter experts and are here to help you navigate the territory. They’ll work with your team to educate you on industry best practices, what applies to you, and what paths you can take to achieve your accessibility objectives or determine what those objectives should be. Let us make digital accessibility easier.

Ready to Begin?

Your business’s success is our priority. Our team consists of subject matter experts who are passionate about helping businesses like yours meet accessibility goals. We enjoy taking time to share what we know, demystifying digital accessibility, and providing you with the services needed to make a major difference right from the start.

Schedule a chat with our team and let us know what questions you have or how we can help you.