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IEEE 1547.1 Test Tools

Enabling an Efficient and Automated Testing of IEEE 1547.1 Interoperability

Now that IEEE 1547.1-2020 is formally approved, leading states such as California and Hawaii will be mandating 1547.1-based conformance in 2021 using the new UL 1741 SB. Others are expected to follow. QualityLogic is expanding its industry-leading IEEE 2030.5 test tool product line—which already supports the IEEE 1547-2018 functional messaging requirements—to support the UL 1741 SB interoperability certification testing of advanced inverters. The tools will speed certifications to meet the pending state mandates.

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Introducing QualityLogic’s IEEE 1547.1 Test Tools

With the approval and adoption of IEEE 1547.1-2020 and the September 2021 update to UL 1741 Version 3, for the first time, the inverter industry has an opportunity to standardize its communications interactions with grid operators. QualityLogic leveraged its experience and know-how with IEEE 2030.5 to develop an Interoperability Test Tool (the 1547.1 IEEE 2030.5 FTS) for the Interoperability testing required in UL 1741 SB. We also added support for SunSpec Modbus and DNP3 Interoperability testing requirements in UL 1741 SB and went further to support Type tests using all three protocols.

Unlike protocol testing, UL 1741 SB is a functional test specification (based on IEEE 1547.1-2020) that requires an actual inverter product (unit under test) to be set up in an inverter testing lab with a grid simulator, DC power supply, and data capturing equipment. Using the popular SCPI interface, QualityLogic’s 1547.1 test tools have a complete equipment management module that automatically sets starts and manages the lab equipment settings and data capture for each Interoperability and Type test defined in UL 1741 SB. And all of the equipment management is “out-of-the-box” for supported equipment: no scripting is required. By standardizing the management of inverter testing equipment, QualityLogic’s 1547.1 test tools provide a quantum leap in efficiency and quality of UL 1741 SB testing and certification.

The most important value of the toolset is the automation of the IEEE 1547.1/UL 1741 testing process. UL 1741 SB testing can take 8 – 12 weeks to complete all the required setup, testing, and analysis. By automating much of the process using QualityLogic’s 1547.1 test tools, significant time savings can be realized, and your product can get to market faster.

IEEE 1547.1 Training Workshop

QualityLogic is excited to announce a new training workshop for companies interested in learning about the IEEE 1547.1 / UL 1741 SB-based standards and certification testing.

The 1547.1 protocols introduced significant new testing challenges for the inverter industry, including revised Type testing and Interoperability testing using one of the protocols specified in the IEEE 1547.1 standard. QualityLogic’s training workshop will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the standards and teach the technical skills needed to conduct the testing defined in UL 1741 SB.

IEEE 1547.1 Interoperability and Type Tests

IEEE 1547.1 test standard defines Interoperability Tests that require using a DER communication protocol to configure and manage the target DER device. Using the supported protocol, a set of tests are defined that validate the DER device for interoperability.

  • DER Communication Protocol – IEEE 2030.5, IEEE 1815 (DNP3), or SunSpec Modbus are the supported protocols for DER devices to be supported. One of these protocols must be supported by the target DER device under test as a local communication interface.
  • Nameplate Data Tests – Verifies that a set of nameplate data can be read from the target DER using one of the three supported protocols.
  • Configuration Information Tests – Verifies that a set of DER settings can be read and adjusted using one of the three supported protocols. The DER settings will be independently compared to the reported values from the connected test equipment.
  • Monitoring Information Tests – Verifies that a set of DER monitored data can be reported by the DER using one of the three supported protocols. The monitored data will be independently compared to the reported values from the connected test equipment.
  • Management Information and Type Tests – Verifies that a set of grid support functions can be communicated through the use of the supported DER communication protocol and that the desired effect be implemented by the target DER at the power level. These tests leverage the 1547.1 Type tests that are defined for the required grid support functions.
  • Constant Power Factor Mode*
  • Voltage-Reactive Power Mode*
  • Active Power-Reactive Power Mode*
  • Constant Reactive Power Mode*
  • Voltage-Active Power Mode*
  • High-Voltage Ride Through
  • Low-Voltage Ride Through
  • High-Frequency Ride Through
  • Low-Frequency Ride Through
  • Voltage Trip Test*
  • Frequency Trip Test*
  • Frequency Droop Test*
  • Enter Service and Cease to Energize and Trip Tests*
  • Limit Maximum Active Power Test*
  • Volt Var Imbalanced Grid
  • Volt Watt Imbalanced Grid
  • Voltage Frequency Regulation Priority Tests

*Required for Interoperability Tests

Key Features of the New QualityLogic IEEE 1547.1 Test Tools

  • New IEEE 1547.1 FTS and Type Tests – Supports the IEEE 1547.1 Interoperability Tests Section 6 and Type Tests Section 5. Includes support for Nameplate Data test, Configuration Information Test, Monitoring Information Test, and Management Information Test sections.
  • Test Equipment Automation – Automation is included right out of the box and does not require the user to write a single line of automation script. Each 1547.1 FTS test case remotely controls and monitors the list of required Test Equipment.
  • Automation Support – 1547.1 FTS test tool has REST API functions that enable customers to use automation scripts to control and execute 1547.1 tests.
  • Analysis of Test Results: To the extent feasible with IEEE 1547.1 testing, the 1547.1 FTS provides test data collected from the equipment for users to perform analysis.
  • DER Protocols – Supports the 2030.5 and SunSpec Modbus communications required by each of the IEEE 1547.1 Interoperability tests with the target DER. DNP3 is supported based on the customer’s interests.
  • End to End Testing – 1547.1 FTS performs end-to-end testing where the DER is configured and managed through the selected DER Protocol while the power-based testing and verification are performed in an automated fashion.
  • Data Collection – Precise data collection from the data analyzer/collector is key to measuring and analyzing the DER device’s behavior based on the IEEE 1547.1 tests.
  • Customizable 1547.1 Test Values – Enables the user to modify the test values that are used during testing, such as the values that are used during each grid code test.

Product Architecture

QualityLogic 1547.1 FTS automates the DER protocol messaging to the smart inverters and remotely manages the various test equipment required to perform 1547.1 based tests.

QualityLogic 1547.1 FTS automates the DER protocol messaging to the smart inverters and remotely manages the various test equipment required to perform 1547.1 based tests.

IEEE 1547.1 Supported Equipment List

A key feature of the QualityLogic 1547.1 Test Tools is the ability to manage the lab equipment required for conducting both Interop and Type tests. The management of the equipment includes changing settings as a part test, monitoring status, and capturing the electrical behavior for the unit under test. Management is done through the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI). Below is our currently supported list. We continue to add new equipment to our portfolio of tested equipment so if your favorite lab system is not listed, talk with us about adding it.

  • Grid Simulators: Ametek MX30/MX45, NHR 9410, Chroma 61xxx, NF
  • PV/DC Supplies: Magna SL Series, Keysight N8900, Chroma PV, Terra SAS, Regatron, Ametek SGX, Sorensen/Ametek SGi600/33C, TDK 
  • Data Collection Devices (or Power Analyzer): Dewetron, Chroma, Virtrek, Yokogawa WT1800, WT3000, WT5000, PX8000 and similar models.
  • Oscilloscope Devices: Yokogawa DL750/850/950 and similar models, Instek GDS-2104A Oscilloscope, Agilent, Virtrek, Teledyne Lecroy, Rhode & Schwarz, Tektronix

Ready to Learn More About Our 1547.1 Test Tools?

If you are interested in expediting your certification process, contact us today. We’ll also send you a complimentary data sheet on the QualityLogic 1547.1 Test Tools to share with your team.