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Test Automation Services

Experienced Test Automation Services to Help You Accelerate Your Product Releases

Continuous integration and continuous release demand test automation but not every company has the expertise to properly implement automation. QualityLogic has the test automation knowledge to guide you through the many combinations of what to automate and what to manually test to get the maximum ROI.

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Test Automation Is a Development AND Quality Project

Time is of the essence in software development.

Many of your competitors are racing to the market. They’re gobbling up juicy parts of the market and establishing their footprints in the hearts and minds of users of their software products.

QualityLogic works closely with your development and quality teams to achieve an ideal cost/benefit balance in implementing test automation. We carefully weigh:

  • Which system aspects and features lend themselves to test automation, and which do not
  • The array of automation frameworks, to help select the best fit for your system
  • Coverage of automated sanity checks to ensure newly released code doesn’t cause apparently unrelated defects
  • Design and implementation of surveillance tests to watch for latent code interaction issues
  • Maintenance requirements and their effect on the scope of test automation projects

Our test engineers have decades of experience developing and using cutting edge test automation tools. We leverage test automation to help our clients leapfrog the competition. We’ve mapped out the best areas that lend themselves to automation testing and have worked with countless clients to ensure the software development life cycle is not elongated by undue manual testing.

I am very satisfied with the work QualityLogic completed. The data validator has been very exciting, it was something I envisioned but was not able to execute. It will save so much time from having to put the props in order or going through them line by line.
QA Manager Major Media Company

Test Automation from a Company that Makes Automated Test Tools

It’s vital to stress the fact that we do not merely use the best tools; we actually developed some of them. And, they’re industry standards. This speaks to the depth of our knowledge and experience in automated testing. We leverage our best minds and tools to help discerning clients accelerate product releases and improve their return on investment. We work with you throughout the development life-cycle to develop a winning automated testing strategy. QualityLogic brings our unique expertise to determine which tests to automate and which tests to run manually so that you experience all the advantages automation has to offer.

Click here to leverage our over 30-years of experience in the field of testing. Our exceptional automation engineers are devoted to ensuring that your software is defect-free and of top quality. We test a wide range of systems, leveraging both manual and automation testing. Let us put our incomparable automation testing services to work for you.

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software Testing Services

Want to learn more about how our QA and automated testing services can safeguard your brand? Contact us to find out how we can improve your QA ROI.

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