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Digital Accessibility Transformation

Unleash Your Organization’s Full Potential

Accessibility transformation is about building your organization’s accessibility capability so that it is sustainable and established as a center of excellence. Our accessibility practitioners help you get the right people, processes, and technology in place to be the best.

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Make Your Business Accessible and Sustainable

While it’s great to invest the time, money, and effort into making your digital product accessible, it’s also true that features, technology, and user requirements are constantly changing. How do you stay ahead without the process being consuming and expensive? The answer is accessibility transformation. Accessibility transformation means building accessibility into your organization by training your teams, embedding the requirement in your product lifecycle, implementing the right technology for monitoring and support, and more.

Our digital accessibility practitioners have worked with organizations across a diverse range of industries, sizes, and environments, and are here to help you transform your business for sustainable digital accessibility.

Globally, the market that includes people with disabilities as well as their family, friends, and advocates are estimated to control over $13 trillion in annual disposable income.
~ The Return on Disability Group

Ongoing Accessibility Monitoring

QualityLogic’s digital accessibility monitoring solutions provide teams with insights into their application’s accessibility over time. With daily compliance scanning and reporting, newly introduced defects are quickly identified and flagged for remediation. These tools allow businesses with extensive content or digital assets to effectively scale accessibility across the organization.

Platform Evaluation and Selection

Accessibility software can add efficiency and scalability to your organization but with so many different platforms and tools available, which one is the right fit for you? It’s important to select a solution that is robust, integrates well with your tech stack and methodologies, and helps your teams where they need it most. QualityLogic helps organizations get the right technology in place by evaluating and recommending the right tools for the job.

Organizational Training

While external accessibility services can be a great aid to your team, the most sustainable solution to accessibility is building the capability into everything you do. When your core team receives role-specific training on accessibility best practices and how to implement digital accessibility into their work, you end up with fewer costly issues, higher quality software, and a faster time to market.

QualityLogic provides custom training to all teams, either individually or in group workshops, and tailors these training sessions to the direct needs of your team based on your real environment and software. During the engagement, QualityLogic’s sessions are used to develop a training library that can be used for future onboarding and cross-training.


Implementing a successful accessibility program can be challenging and costly, and it is often unclear what information is correct or what objectives to prioritize. QualityLogic’s accessibility specialists are subject matter experts who are accustomed to developing accessibility programs across a wide variety of industries, business sizes, and customer environments. They can quickly understand where you stand, what’s critical, and what the most effective path forward is in achieving your digital accessibility objectives.

Our specialists work directly with your teams to develop strategies, assemble and manage the necessary resources, and execute the plans while measuring and communicating success. We’re here to help.

Get Your Free Accessibility Case Study

When an international educational resources provider came to QualityLogic for their testing needs, they needed a partner who could test their tools for bugs AND accessibility. This case study highlights the value of ensuring your website and software is accessible for all users.

Achieve Excellence

Digital accessibility is a practice waiting to be mastered and honing that capability has cascading effects for your business including, higher product quality, greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your teams, and a significant boost to your user experience.

QualityLogic is here to help you take your business and teams to the next level with digital accessibility.