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Fax & Fax Over IP Testing

Fax is Still Everywhere, and We’re the Experts in Fax Testing

With millions of active fax machines installed, fax is still a cornerstone of document transfer, despite email and newer technologies. Even Voice over IP (VoIP) has to support fax transmission. Whether analog or digital, QualityLogic is the recognized global leader in fax testing and Fax over IP testing.

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Reliable Fax Operation Requires Incisive Testing

Industry-Leading Tools

QualityLogic’s FaxLab interoperability tester and DataProbe call monitor are the most flexible and deeply informative fax testing tools available for your test lab.

Top-Notch Test Staff

Our fax engineering staff has decades of experience in fax and printer terminal technology. If it can go wrong, we have seen it, and we know how to deal with it.

Location Independent

Our test tools allow us to perform real-time fax testing and monitoring anywhere in the world, directly from our labs. This saves you the cost of bringing our team to your site.

Carrier Operations Experience

We have worked with voice and fax carriers all over the world, and we know the ongoing challenges of making fax transmissions work over your systems.

Fax Testing Expertise for the Entire Ecosystem

Whether you use large-scale fax services; provide carrier services; or manufacture carrier equipment, fax devices or MFPs, QualityLogic’s fax testing tools and services help you increase customer satisfaction and decrease support costs. What fax testing support do you need?

  • Verifying compliance with the ITU T.30 protocol, the basis for fax communications
  • Interoperability testing without a lab full of fax machines
  • Emulation of the T.30 behaviors in more than 175 different fax terminals
  • Direct monitoring and cross-referencing of T.30 fax, T.38 fax over IP and G.711 fax message transports
  • Test services with the most experienced and knowledgeable fax test engineers available
QualityLogic’s test results provided the proof we needed to finally get full organizational support for a configuration policy that would directly address our fax problems. Having real observations and solid data made all the difference.
Medical Center VoIP Administrator

Common Fax Problems

Facsimile has been a major communications channel for nearly half a century. You’d think that sending pages from one fax machine to another would be a simple certainty by now – but it’s not. The implementation of the T.30 protocol, which the International Telecommunications Union uses to govern fax transmissions, has varied widely from one manufacturer to the next, and even from one model line of fax machines to the next. On top of this native compatibility problem, the switched circuit public telephone network that fax was intended for is being rapidly replaced by Voice over IP, which switches data packets over the Internet. The impairment compensations built into fax for the switched circuit network actually cause problems over the switched packet network.

The outcome of all this has been an unfortunate litany of:

  • Fax calls that don’t connect with answering terminals
  • Fax calls that terminate without transferring all the queued pages
  • Fax terminals that appear to send/receive all pages but turns on an error indicator
  • Receiving fax terminals that print flawed pages
  • Fax calls that seem to take an inordinate amount of time to complete

It commonly falls to an IT or Communications manager to ‘make fax work,’ and that means finding a tool or service that can discover and analyze fax transmission problems. QualityLogic has been deeply involved in the facsimile protocol and making industry-leading tools for over 30 years.

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Fax over IP Testing

Want to learn more about how our QA and testing services can safeguard your brand? Contact us to find out how we can improve your QA ROI.

Case Study:

Medical Center Fax Over IP

When this major university medical center added a new electronic record system, its fax usage increased dramatically. Personnel saw a substantial increase in fax call trouble reports, in spite of replacing older multifunction peripherals. With fax terminal locations spread through multiple buildings across a citywide campus, the medical center needed a coordinated, informed approach to control this problem.

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