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Warranty & Support Contracts

QualityLogic Warranty and Support Contracts

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Hardware Extended Warranty

Hardware is covered by a one-year warranty, with a one-year extended warranty option. Extended hardware warranties are available for current versions of the PageSense Sensing Unit, DataTrap and ChannelTrap.

Software Support Contracts

All QualityLogic test tools software is covered by a 60-day/3-hour free technical support plan. To supplement this, we offer several options ranging from hourly to 20 hours a year.

Software support contracts are available from QualityLogic’s storefront for current versions of the following test tools:

  • OpenADR 2.0
  • IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2.0)
  • Fax/Telecom Test Tools:
    • FaxLab
    • DataProbe
  • Imaging Test Tools:
    • PageSense
    • Application Test Suites (ATS)
    • Application Test Suite-Intermediate Files (ATS-IF)
    • Comprehensive Evaluation Tests (CET)
    • Functional Test Suites (FTS)
    • XPS Color Test Suite
    • PDF InteropAnalyzer
    • TIFF InteropAnalyzer
    • TestJob Builder
    • TestJob Sender

The service contracts provide phone and e-mail access to QualityLogic’s customer support department for product issues.

View Support Contracts

IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2.0), Fax/Telecom and Imaging

10-Hour/1-Year Software Support Contract
20-Hour/1-Year Software Support Contract

OpenADR 2.0

5-Hour/1-Year Software/Development Support Contract
10-Hour/1-Year Software/Development Support Contract
20-Hour/1-Year Software/Development Support Contract