Imaging System Quality is Our Business

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Rendering System Tests

We are recognized as industry experts at testing page description languages, image file rendering and data file format implementation, as well as printing interface interoperability.

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Printing Performance

QualityLogic created the industry standard printer throughput test system, PageSense, and has worked extensively with measuring and verifying printer consumables usage.

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Software Interoperability

Our Application Test Suites verify the operation of all major design and office suite products with commercial and consumer print rendering systems.

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3D Printing

3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) has emerged as the standard for 3D imaging, and we’ve developed imaging software test utilities and conformance test suites to validate successful parsing and rendering of 3D formatted input streams.

Digital Imaging Requires Precision

Image rendering, negotiating image transmissions, and especially 3D printing technologies involve the development and verification of complex software systems. Some of the challenges include:

  • Implementation of Page Description Languages (PDLs), image formats and the 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF)
  • Accurate image communications through computer interfaces and digital transmission systems
  • Data throughput and image rendering performance verification
  • Interoperability between drivers, PDLs, data file formats and image rendering systems
  • Usage rates and durability of consumables

The QualityLogic Lab provides us with the assurance that our products will work when they hit the market. Our customers have a very satisfactory experience with our products and come back for more.

Product Manager, Major MFP Manufacturer

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Case Study: Marketing Claims Validation

As a well-respected, independent source, QualityLogic tested and validated this billion-dollar market cap company’s marketing campaign claims. QualityLogic’s reputation as a testing leader enhanced the credibility and effectiveness of these claims.

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