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PDF Standardization

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The ISO PDF Standard is currently being updated to version 2 (ISO 32000-2). It’s hard to believe that PDF was first introduced by Adobe Systems back in 1993, and in 2007 became the official ISO standard 32000 specification. This new version of the PDF standard is expected to include the following new features:

  • Use of Black Point Compensation for CIE colors
  • Support for use of custom encryption algorithms through use of Unencrypted Wrapper Document
  • Better hinting for barcode support in forms through Barcode Fields
  • Support for Long term validation of signatures (PDF 2.0) through Document Security Store
  • Introduction of namespaces, which are common in XML, to PDF to facilitate declaration of the type of document structures
  • Numerous clarifications on rendering rules for graphics, such as dashed/degenerate lines, and text objects within transparency framework

As the new version becomes available, we’ll update our PDF test tools so you can be sure your products handle the new features flawlessly.

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