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WCAG Compliance Testing & Certification

Automation is a great start. But it’s not enough. True website accessibility for WCAG 2.1 AA and AAA certification requires a blend of automated and manual testing. And once your site is compliant, QualityLogic offers ongoing monitoring and support services so you can ensure your site will remain accessible and usable for all of your audiences.

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What to Expect with Website Accessibility Testing

Automated Testing

We first test your site using specific automation tools that discover errors that can be programmatically validated. Our tools will detect the most common problems like contrast errors, structural issues, and common HTML bugs.

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Manual Testing

Next, your site is audited by our team of WCAG test technicians using the tools actually used by impacted individuals. That means the tests we’re running will identify the issues that are most likely to impact your customers.

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Remediation & Regression Testing

Once testing is complete, you’ll receive a compliance report that contains a summary of the errors we found. Once the errors are fixed by your team or ours, we run regression tests to ensure complete WCAG 2.1 AA or AAA compliance.

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Accessibility Certification

Once your site passes, you’ll receive attestation from QualityLogic certifying your website is fully WCAG compliant. Then we continue to monitor your site daily to ensure it stays compliant.

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Driven By A Passion For Accessibility

Website accessibility is a major concern for companies universities, schools, and government departments. Serving our visually and hearing impaired populations is important to all of us, but many organizations don’t know where to begin to achieve and maintain WCAG compliance.

QualityLogic takes the stress out of WCAG through a deep understanding of WCAG requirements, best practices, and testing conducted by visually impaired accessibility auditors who know firsthand the challenges of using a website or app that doesn’t meet WCAG accessibility requirements.

Free Accessibility Case Study

When an international educational resources provider came to QualityLogic for their testing needs, they needed a partner who could test their tools for bugs AND accessibility. This case study highlights the value of ensuring your website and software is accessible for all users.

Complete the form below and we’ll send you the website accessibility case study. Or give us a call at 208.424.1905 if you’re ready to get started today!

Interested in Testing Your Site’s Compliance

We monitor current market trends in the accessibility world to ensure we are using the most popular assistive technologies – and those that are growing in popularity – to ensure your website can be used by all. And while we test WCAG 2.1 AA and AAA and ADA Section 508, we provide a higher testing standard than mere compliance when we audit a site. We provide usability advice and offer enhancement recommendations to ensure the site is not only compliant, but also a pleasure to use.

Our website accessibility audit teams include visually-impaired QA engineers who know firsthand what is required for a website to be truly accessible. Our expertise includes:

  • JAWS, NVDA, and Voiceover Screen Readers
  • ZoomText and MAGIC screen magnification
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Microsoft Narrator, Android Talkback
  • WAI-ARIA Suite

Looking for something not listed? Contact us – we may already be using it.

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Let’s Talk About WCAG Compliance & Certification

Want to learn more about how our QA engineers can help your company provide a truly accessible website that is certified compliant? Contact us today.

What Our Clients Are Saying
QualityLogic's efforts have had a great impact on the business, including a notable decrease in bugs as well as a clear increase in the quality of releases. The team is detail-oriented and efficient in their work. They have been a valuable resource, improving business processes and tracking.
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