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Integrated Digital Accessibility Support Team

Don’t Settle for Only One Expert. Leverage the Whole Team.

Stay focused on what you do best by integrating our team of digital accessibility experts to support you across the whole software development lifecycle.

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An Integrated Digital Accessibility Team for Every Need.

Enjoy onshore digital accessibility services provided by a full-service team. Rather than relying on a single generalist, your team gains immediate access to a range of deeply experienced accessibility practitioners to help with all aspects of the software development lifecycle including design, development, and testing. Each team includes individuals with physical or cognitive impairments, so you gain invaluable firsthand feedback from real users of assistive technology and those who benefit most from accessible design.

Think from the ground up and include people with disabilities in the conversation. There is value in the lived experience of people with disabilities and each one has a different lived experience which is why inclusion is so important.
Ronny Andrade Digital Accessibility Advisor for RMIT University


Digital accessibility begins with design, so how do you ensure that the digital assets your team is building have the right foundation for compliance and usability? You engage a team of accessibility design experts who can work with your team in lockstep, reviewing wireframes, mockups, and other design documents for accessibility before the time and money are invested in development. These experts can also help ensure that the base library of components and the core design system is accessible, so defects and issues are not perpetuated across the organization. That is the start of sustainable digital accessibility.


Developers need support to ensure their coding aligns well with accessibility best practices. Our teams work with a wide variety of development teams helping to recommend best practices on implementing accessible controls, providing remediation guidance, and working in one-on-one coaching and training sessions to ensure developers have all the tools and support they need to build accessible digital products from the start.


Even after building in accessibility at all other points in the process, you need confidence that the code you release provides a great experience for all users. Our digital accessibility team is highly trained in quality assurance and provides automated and manual assessments of the website or application across a wide range of assistive technologies. Our process relies on a blended team of individuals with and without various physical or cognitive impairments for real user feedback and includes all that you would expect in a turnkey testing team: test documentation and management, detailed defect reporting and prioritization, measured performance, and strategic management, all tailored to your software development model.

Coaching & Training

While design, development, and testing support is important to keep your teams moving quickly, it’s also critical to ensure they get immediate feedback on their work and help with applying accessibility best practices going forward. This helps raise the skill of your entire team and improves the quality of work on a continual basis. Our experts work closely with team members to provide real-time, role-specific feedback so they can make accessibility an area of excellence.

Get Immediate Accessibility Support for Your Teams

Your teams are great at what they do, but digital accessibility is often new for many. Engage our full-service digital accessibility team across your entire software development lifecycle and ensure your teams have everything they need to be successful.